Nayasaland Our Story

'An autobiography of Nicholas Trataris' - A story of a little boy growing up in Africa, moving to Greece and then the United States. A story I want to leave behind for my children and all our families to have some historical information. For the generations that come after. All contributions of pictures, stories and events are needed. Email us if you want to work with me.


Nicholas 'Nicko' Trataris

Kaitlin Anne Trataris

Sean Nicholas Trataris


Maky Artemis Apostolopoulos (my mother)

John Nicholas Trataris (my father)

Air Force General Dionysus Apostolopoulos

Nicholas Trataris (my father's father)

Bertha Trataris (my sister)

Diana Katz (my niece) 

Adriane Katz (my nephew)

Xristos Thilizas


Littlerock-My house


Patmos-Summer '05

Greece-Island Of Patmos - Summer 07



Greek Easter-04 in Littlerock

Greek Easter-06 in Littlerock

Pauls' wedding - Santorini  05


Haloween - 2007 - Littlerock

Kernville-Thanksgiving 2007

Greek Easter 08 - Littlerock


Caribbean Cruise - 1998

Hydra, Greece - Easter '04

Athens, Greece - 03